Here are the top 10 activities to bond with your teammates at work or in school.

Teams don’t always get along or fit together like puzzle pieces. Teammates typically need some time to get to know one another and develop a bond. The success of your company mostly hinges on how well your employees can collaborate. Even seasoned teams might benefit from some team bonding activities to hone their skills and lessen their weaknesses. The key to a successful business is building a good team!  



Activities to Bond with Your Teammates


Think like a genius

Goal: To improve the team’s ability to think innovatively

To play, make groups of three to six. Each group should equally think of and design an invention from 500 used dishwashers. To clarify, each group is to prepare a 60-second design pitch and deliver it to the other teams (the audience). All the teams should then vote on the best invention.

How well do you listen

Goal: To improve listening skills.

To play this game, divide participants into pairs and distribute index cards with relevant topics. Following that, one person should read the prompt on the card and speak for three minutes on the topic. The quiet partner should then summarize their conversation in one minute. Subsequently, reverse the roles and assess the teams based on how well their partners listen and reproduce their conversation.

Sharing principles

Goal: To get teammates to agree on common values.

Before anything, participants should take two minutes to write down what they believe are the organization’s most significant principles. Following that, divide them into small groups and assign them the task of sharing what they wrote. By representing those principles on boards with photos, words, and symbols that highlight shared ideals.

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Who said what

Goal: To learn more about one another

To play, put one person on a black chair at the center of the room (the target). Then, everyone else should write one fun thing about the target on a card. Following that, collect the cards, shuffle them, randomly pick one and read it aloud. The target is to guess who wrote it. If they guess wrong, another statement should be read. This should be repeated until the target guesses correctly. The person whose card is guessed correctly becomes the next target.

Puzzle Pieces

Goal: To encourage synergy across teams

To begin with, divide the group into three to six teams. Give each team a bag containing random puzzle pieces from as many children’s puzzles as there are groups. But do not inform them that the bags have been tampered with. Then, task all the groups to complete their puzzles within five minutes.

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Crossing The finish line

Goal: To improve teamwork

To play, line up the group in front of a starting line. Then, when you blow the whistle, instruct them all to cross the finish line at the same time. Repeat this game until everyone crosses the finish line at the same time.

House of cards

Goal: To make the best out of limited resources

To begin with, divide the group into teams of five, giving each team 10 cards and a roll of tape. Then, give them five minutes to construct a house with the materials at hand. Finally, assess each team based on how well they build their house of cards.

The human machine

Goal: To promote productivity even under unforeseen circumstances.

To begin with, divide the group into teams of six-to-10. Then give each team 10 minutes to plan a human machine with each member of the team, representing a part of the machine. Next, have them demonstrate how the machine works. Then remove one member from the team and time how long it will take the rest of the team to adjust their machine.

The blindfolded walker and their guide

Goal: To foster trust among teammates

Before the game begins, place obstacles like chairs, or coffee tables in random spots. Then, divide the team into pairs by assigning one person the role of a blindfolded walker and the other, a guide. In addition, instruct the guide to put their left palm on the left shoulder of their blindfolded partner. Next, ask the pair to walk to the other end of the room; the guide is to tell their blindfolded partner whether to go left or right, etc. Measure how long it takes for the pair to get to the other end of the room.

True & False

Goal: To help teammates know more about one another

To play, form a circle with the team, and ask them to think of an intriguing or unusual story they would like to share. Next, ask them to create another completely fabricated story. Each story should sound convincing. However, it would be amusing to disguise which one is false by using deceptive body language. Finally, in any order, ask the teammates to guess one another’s true and false stories.

Rounding up

For the most part, these activities to bond with your teammates are flexible. So you can make as many changes as you want. Do what is most feasible for you and your team!




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